What Do I need to know about Jell-Obration

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What Do I need to know about Jell-Obration

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Date: Friday May 3rd
Time: 7PM- 9PM
Location: The Lobby Bar, Seattle

So as Jell-Obration draws nearer, I wanted to learn more about this event.  This week, Brad, a recent Allyship board member, agreed to be interviewed about Allyship’s upcoming event and his connection to Allyship. Brad has been involved with Allyship since 2011 and has recently joined the board as one of ten board members. As part of Allyship, he has been involved with lobbing at the legislator and events. He has worked in collaboration with other Allyship team members to create this event. Jell-Obration is a celebration and outreach event. The donations raised at this event will go directly towards  Allyship’s mission of advocating and educating for social and economic justice, reducing homeless youth, and demanding healthcare for all.

What will happen at the night of the event?
There will be guest speakers  that talk about of our recent legislative achievements, which include the Becca Bill, the foster care act, expansion of Medicare and at this point we are still hoping for the Dream Act and the Housing Trust Fund. Current advocacy work surrounds the Space Needle LGBTQ Worker Campaign. This campaign is asking for a fair contract and that the space needle fly the flag during Pride.

What will be sold during the event?
Jello shots can be purchased for $3. There will also be a raffle with 1st, 2nd and third place prizes. Raffle tickets cost $10 and will be sold at the event.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/461733727230112/


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