What Bathroom Freedom Means….

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What Bathroom Freedom Means….

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Denying equal restroom access to transgender and gender non-conforming (GN) people is

Transgender justice

Bathroom Freedom & Trans* Justice

a violation of their human rights. It not only threatens their safety and well-being in public spaces, but also impacts their ability to use the correct bathroom at their workplace. Trans* people deserve the right to use the restroom while on the job like every other worker in Washington.  Everyone should have the ability to work and provide a roof over their head, buy food and pay for other basic needs.

The impact of restricting transgender and GN individuals from employment disproportionately affects trans* people of color who currently have higher unemployment rates and higher percentages of individuals living in poverty. In addition, current harassment and violence in public accommodations are disproportionately experienced by transgender and GN people of color.

Your voice matters in advocating for the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming people. Download this document and fill out – ‘What does Bathroom Freedom mean to you?’  Here: Photobooth Sign_Bathroom Freedom (3) Then post it on your FB and ask your friends to join you. Use #NotYourBizWhereIWiz. Tag LGBTQ Allyship and the Washington State Republican Party.

Join the fight for trans and gender non-conforming rights!


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