Thank you to 2017 Spring Campaign Donors!

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Thank you to 2017 Spring Campaign Donors!

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We exceeded our goal of raising $25,000 and raised $30,000 for LGBTQ low-income senior housing! From April to May 10 amazing LGBTQ and allied leaders met with community members to educate and raise support for Allyship’s work in advocating for LGBTQ low-income housing in Seattle and King County.

LGBTQ Allyship wants to thank the amazing donors of our Housing Spring Campaign:

Bob Hasegawa  ::  Brady Walkinshaw  ::  Calvin Jen

Christian Metcalfe  ::  Coastal Kitchen  ::  Dagmar Cronn

Dale Bright  ::  Dave Upthegrove  ::   David Haack

Debbie Carlsen  ::  Deborah Terry-Hays  ::  Elissa Goss

Emma Moreno  ::  Entre Hermanos  :  Felipe Rodriguez-Flores

Fred Swanson  ::  Jennifer White  ::  Joshua Wallace

Katie Garrow  ::  Lauren Craig  ::  Lisa Karl

Lois Thetford  ::  Marcos Martinez  ::  Matias Valenzuela

Michael Maddux  ::  Nicole Grant ::  Nicole Marci

Paulina Lvov  ::  Peter Hasegawa  ::  Pramilia Jayapal

Rebecca Edmonds  ::  Redwolf Painter  ::  Reiny Cohen

Robin Wyss  ::  Ryan Honnen  ::  Sally Friedman

Sam Keller  ::  Sara Jaye Sanford  ::  Sarah Jen

Sarah Sumadi  ::  Seattle Foundation  ::  Shaun Bickley

Vicente Barraza  ::  Whitney Fraser  ::  William Stacy


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