Stop Dumping on LGBTQ Workers

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Stop Dumping on LGBTQ Workers

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February 2nd, 2016                              For Immediate Release

LGBTQ Allyship

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LGBTQ Advocates in Olympia Demand Republicans Stop Taking a Dump on LGBTQ Workers

LGBTQ Advocates TP Senator Pam Roach and Senator Doug Ericksen’s Offices in Olympia
What: LGBTQ Advocates will TP the offices of Senator Pam Roach and Senator Doug Ericksen in protest to the 5 Anti-Trans Bathroom bills stinking up the 2016 Legislative Session. Roach sponsored both SB 6443 and SB 6548 and Erickson sponsored SB 6443. Both bills have passed out of their committees and are heading to the Rules committee, which Roach is the Vice Chair and Ericksen is a member. Advocates will Demand Senator Roach and Erickson Stop Taking a Dump on LGBTQ workers and concentrate on the REAL job of a legislator – funding education, supporting affordable housing and creating living wage jobs. Protesters will TP for Justice and deliver a letter asking Roach and Erickson to stop polluting the Senate with discriminating bills but instead champion outlawing source income discrimination in housing SB 5378 and support funding the Housing Trust fund. (both bills that uniquely impact LGBTQ workers, especially transgender and gender non-conforming individuals)

VisualsToilet paper and bright pink signs ‘Stop Dumping on LGBTQ Workers’

When: 11:30am, Tuesday, February 2nd

Where: Senator Pam Roaches office 112 Irv Newhouse Building, Senator Doug Ericksen’s office 414 Legislative Building

Who: Approximately 20 LGBTQ protestors ranging from Districts in the 1st, 21st, 22nd, 33rd, 36th, 11th, 37th, 43rd, & 46th.


Background on Anderson-Murry Anti-Discrimination Law: In 2006, the Washington State Legislature passed the Anderson-Murray Anti-Discrimination law that extended protections to people on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. It provides protections against discrimination in employment, housing, credit, insurance and places of public accommodation. The law went into effect June 8th, 2006.


The Washington State Human Rights Commission clarified the law in December of 2015 because they are tasked with providing clarity, guidance, administering and enforcing Washington laws against discrimination.


Starting in 2012, the Humans Rights Commission held four public forums across the state to gather community input about its plans to issue new rules to clarify the Washington law against discrimination. In May 2015, the agency publically proposed the rules, and members of the public were able to provide comments on them, either in writing or at a public hearing that was held in June 2015. The rules were finalized in November 2015 and went into effect one month later.


For more information, please visit our website at, or contact Debbie Carlsen at 206-930-6668 or




LGBTQ Allyship is a social and economic organization in the Puget Sound area. We work on access to affordable health care and housing, economic justice, and eliminating youth homelessness in the LGBTQ community through education, advocacy, research and community organizing. For more information go to


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