Afternoon Workshop Descriptions

Afternoon Workshop Descriptions from 1pm to 2:50pm

Title: From Education to Advocacy – Incorporating an Intergenerational Approach to LGBTQ Justice, Room 210

Many voices in the LGBTQ community are often forgotten or given little attention. In this workshop, panelists will explore the diversity and complexity of youth and elder LGBTQ voices, issues, hopes and points of advocacy. Panelists will answer ‘How do you organize LGBTQ elders around their experiences of transphobia and homophobia in health care, housing and human services? How do you address social isolation of youth and elders in LGBTQ communities? And What are ways the community can take action and leadership in advocacy for youth and elders?’ The workshop will end in an audience discussion where community will have the opportunity to share incites and ideas regarding the above questions.

Facilitated by:

Sabina Neem, assistant director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, is a commissioner for the Seattle LGBT Commission. Neem brings to the role skills as a social work clinician and community builder who is committed to social and economic justice. In addition to her leadership in OMA and at SU, Neem has extensive experience as an administrator, supervisor, program coordinator, social worker, trainer, researcher, grant writer and advocate for policy change. She currently serves on the boards of two LGBTQ community-based organizations, Zenyu Healing and Trikone Northwest.


Alan Flores is a nursing student at Seattle Central Community College. Originally from Mexico, he is a DREAMer and received his DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) last year. Alan joined the union organizing committee shortly after beginning work as a food service worker at Seattle University in the Spring of 2014. As a bargaining committee member, he helped lead his coworkers in winning major improvements at SU this summer.

Luis Viquez – Outreach Manager at Gay City Health Project

Anne Henry is an Ohio native and recent transplant to Seattle.  Anne represents The Puget Sound Chapter of Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC).  OLOC is a national network of Old Lesbians over age 60 working to make life better for Old Lesbians through support networks and by confronting ageism in our communities and our country using education and public discourse as primary tools. In Ohio, Anne was trained as a social worker and much of her career was devoted to program management and development in the non-profit world.  Those non-profits include organizations committed to providing childbirth and reproductive health care to women, AIDS service organization and community collaboratives to serve clients and leverage resources. Since retiring Anne works as a professional grandmother.

Scott Plusquellec has been active in LGBTQ politics since his street activist days with Queer Nation in the early 90’s.  After years of street demonstrations, “kiss-ins” and marches, Scott was hired as a Community Organizer for the Privacy Fund, a LGBT Political Action Committee working to pass Civil Rights Legislation in Washington State. For 4 years, Scott travelled the highways and back roads of WA, finding lesbians, gays and straight supporters in all communities and training them to become politically active on LGBT issues.  After a hiatus to continue pursuing his acting career (he holds a BA in theater), he returned to politics, working as Legislative Aide to then-Senator Ed Murray in Olympia.  This summer he received his Master’s in Public Administration from the Evans School.  Currently, Scott is the State Lobbyist for the City of Seattle.

Council Member Joe McDermott – A third-generation resident of West Seattle, J. Joseph McDermott joined the King County Council in November 2010. He was reelected to a four year term in November of 2011. McDermott previously represented West Seattle, Burien, White Center and Vashon and Maury Islands in the Washington State Legislature for a decade.

As he began his second year on the Council, his colleagues chose him to chair the Budget and Fiscal Management Committee. In this role, he will lead the Council’s 2013 County budget process. Joe is a passionate advocate for vibrant and safe communities, reliable transit and transportation options, our environment and civil rights.

McDermott earned a Master of Public Administration from the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Affairs and holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from Gonzaga University. Joe completed the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Executive Education program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in June of 2009.


Title: Relationships: Polyamory and Non-Monogamy, Room 160

Exploring dating today at any age is proving to be an exercise in options. Most of us haven’t thought much beyond the socially presumed style of monogamy, but more and more of us within the LGBTQ and allyship are questioning this standard. Exploring polyamory and/or non-monogamy can resemble a kind of second or third puberty. We’ll even discuss kink and power exchange! Without the guidance of those with a history in such open relationship styles, and without the self-reflection required to maintain integrity and equanimity, it is all too easy for new practitioners to stumble into the behaviors that can damage, and even end, the important relationships they already have.

Presented by:

Kristen Knapick, MA, LMHC: I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle. I specialize in working with those for whom kink/poly/sex work/queerness/gender variance are a part of life, whether the source of a problem or not. My 20 years of experience as a member of all of these communities gives me a unique, non-judgmental perspective on mental health within them, and my professional training has sharpened my skills. Please visit for more info on my practice.

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