2017 Democracy Vouchers

 2017 Democracy Vouchers

The City of Seattle sent out mailed out Democracy Vouchers on January 3, 2017 to all registered Seattle voters. The Democracy Voucher program is an effort to ensure equitable participation in the democratic process in Seattle, specifically for supporting possible candidates for City Council and City Attorney positions. Residents do not need to be registered voters to receive and use vouchers. The vouchers function as donations to candidates running for local office, making it possible for residents who do not necessarily have access to funding to run for office and truly represent their communities. Click here for more information on what Democracy Vouchers are and how they work.
 LGBTQ Allyship has formed a Democracy Justice Committee to discuss how LGBTQ people are impacted by democracy injustice as it relates to our electoral process and how we can get involved in creating change to serve our communities and effectively utilize the Democracy Voucher program. Find out more info on the Democracy Justice Committee Facebook event page. 

For questions or to RSVP for upcoming meetings, please contact our community facilitator at laurie@allyship.org

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