Transcend: Trans Advocate Program

Transcend, LGBTQ Allyship’s Trans Advocate Program is designed for trans and gender-nonconforming workers who face discrimination, hardship, and labor violations in their workplace to get support and help advocating for their rights from peer-trained advocates.

LGBTQ Allyship has trained trans and gender non-conforming workers on current Labor Standards in Seattle, what labor violations look like, resources to connect workers to, as well as familiarizing workers on what to expect for the intake processes for Fair Work Center, Seattle Office of Labor Standards and Seattle Office of Civil Rights, and a discussion of what remedies workers could ask for when seeking justice.

Workers would then be connected with  Trans Advocates who contact LGBTQ Allyship and/or assist workers they meet who are seeking information about their worker rights, resources, and assistance with seeking recourse.

Our vision is to build community and support and protect Trans/Gender non-conforming workers’ rights, which creates the conditions for workers to be able to keep their jobs and maintain access to income and their livelihood.

For more information, you can contact our community facilitator Laurie Rocello Torres at

To be connected with a trans advocate, fill out the intake form here. Workers who want to seek support while also working with a Transcend advocate can also check out our monthly LGBTQ Worker Support Group.











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