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LGBTQ low-income and working class workers experience many challenges at work based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, age and race. But most of us need to work to pay for food, rent, heat and transportation and we deserve a living wage and be treated fairly.

Seattle has recently launched an Office of Labor Standards department that educates workers and businesses on innovative workers’ rights that have been passed in the last 10 years. These laws protect workers from wage theft and advance workers’ rights by increasing the minimum wage, adding sick and safe paid time, and protecting workers with a criminal background from discrimination.

LGBTQ workers are uniquely impacted by economic injustice and LGBTQ Allyship is building leaders, educating workers, connecting individuals to resources and building LGBTQ community economic power.

Allyship hosts the Trans Advocate Program. A program of trans and gender non-conforming trained peers that will support trans and gender non-conforming workers experiencing job discrimination. To request a peer trained Trans Advocate please email Laurie Rocello Torres at

Click here to learn about Seattle’s labor standards from our community partners at the Fair Work Center.

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