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LGBTQ low-income and working class workers experience many challenges at work based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, age and race. But most of us need to work to pay for food, rent, heat and transportation and we deserve a living wage and be treated fairly.

LGBTQ workers now have more resources available to them to help address issues at work. LGBTQ Allyship has trained its latest cohort of 10 facilitators to conduct Know Your Worker Rights workshops for LGBTQ identified homeless youth, queer and trans people of color, low income trans and cis women, and trans and gender non-conforming workers over the course of 2017 as part of Justice Works, our Economic Justice program.

Justice Works has 3 components:

  • Make It Werq, our queer and trans justice education series that trains community members on how to facilitate Know Your Workers’ Rights workshops and develops their understanding and leadership around the intersections of disability and queerness, in-depth understanding of the upcoming Fair Scheduling labor standard, and how to support workers who are undocumented and LGBTQ identified.
  • Transcend, our peer-trained trans advocate program for trans and gender non-binary workers. Trans advocates have been through the Know Your Worker Rights trainings and are also trained to help direct workers to the agencies like the Office of Labor Standards and the Fair Work Center to seek remedies for their work issues.
  • Worq It Out is our monthly LGBTQ Worker support group that meets every 4th Thursday at the Washington State Labor Council Hall at 321 16th S, Seattle, WA 98144 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The hope is that the more community members understand their worker rights, the more widely this information can be shared and more support can be offered to marginalized workers. Justice Works aims to offer assistance and resources to LGBTQ workers and give them a space to share their experience, build community with each other, and assert their rights as workers.

Click here to learn about Seattle’s labor standards from our community partners at the Fair Work Center.


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