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LGBTQ Affordable Housing

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LGBTQ Allyship completed a LGBTQ Safety survey in August of 2015 of over 1100 participants. Sixty-four percent of participants identifiedCityHalladvocacy as fighting for affordable housing as a solution in increasing LGBTQ safety in Seattle. Seventy-four percent of survey participants represented bisexual, transgender and gender non-binary people in Seattle.

Allyship has been testifying in favor of multiple tools to support affordable housing, recognizing that not one policy will be the golden ticket to increasing affordable housing in Seattle. For the last month, LGBTQ Allyship advocates have been at hearings supporting the Commercial Linkage fee, residential inclusionary housing policies, rent control, the multi-family tax exemption and the HALA recommendations.

Get involved now! We are connecting with activists who are willing to share their safety or housing story with Allyship. To share your story please click here!

Together we will make Seattle a more affordable city to live in!

In solidarity,

Debbie Carlsen

Executive Director


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