Class Divide in the LGBTQ Community

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Class Divide in the LGBTQ Community

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LGBTQ Space Needle Workers

A call to Action!

  By Debbie Carlsen, LGBTQ Executive Director

Why was the Space Needle just named “Corporate Leader of the Year?” This is the title of a Stranger article written on February 25th about GSBA naming the Space Needle ‘Corporate Leader of the Year.’ It addresses the Space Needle’s recent tactic of presenting a training to their workers on ‘How to live on Less.’ A tactic the Space Needle seems to have appropriated from Walmart. What the Stranger article doesn’t address is the recent labor violations the Space Needle has been charged with under the National Labor Relations Board. Read The Seattle Times.

Check out 2013 LGBTQ Space Needle Justice Video

 In 2013 LGBTQ Allyship in solidarity with 9 other local LGBTQ organizations led a collaboration with Unite HERE Local 8, immigrant rights organizations and other labor unions to rally in support of living wages and benefits for Space Needle workers, an impactful proportion of those workers being from the LGBTQ community. This campaign received national medial attention and represents an important part of local LGBTQ workers’ rights history.

The alliance of 10 LGBTQ organizations asked the Space Needle to fly the Rainbow Flag and support the workers’ demands. Instead the Space Needle tried to divide the LGBTQ community by flying the Equality Flag but not supporting living wages and a fair contract…..

Conditions have not improved for Space Needle workers since 2013, but it is time our local LGBTQ communities unite in support of low-wage LGBTQ workers. Support living wages, dignity and a fair contract for workers at the Space Needle! 



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