Candidates Commit to Queering Politics at 1st Annual Allyship Candidate Forum

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Candidates Commit to Queering Politics at 1st Annual Allyship Candidate Forum

On Wednesday, July 19th, 2017, LGBTQ Allyship hosted our first ever Queering Politics Candidate Forum. During the forum, while donning costume attire ranging from feather boas to unicorn horns to bumblebee wings and antennae, candidates spoke to how they plan to show up for queer and trans communities if elected, with a particular focus on safety, housing, economic justice, protecting and expanding LGBTQ rights, and accountability.

Mayoral candidates Oliver and Moon pledge yes to increasing LGBTQ community-owned housing for low-income people in Seattle.

During the lightning pledge round, every single candidate in attendance except Alex Tsimermanincluding mayoral candidates Cary Moon, Nikkita Oliver, Jenny Durkan, Jessyn Farrell, and Mike McGinn, City Council Position #8 Candidates Hisam Goueli, Jon Grant, Teresa Mosqueda, Charlene Strong, Sara Nelson, Rudy Pantoja, Mac McGregor, and City Council Position #9 Candidates Pat Murakami, Ty Pethe– made the following pledges:


I will work with LGBTQ Allyship and broader LGBTQ communities to:


  • Safety: Identify and support community-based solutions to safety that extend beyond the Safe Place program & policing as the answers.
  • Economic: Work toward a living wage standard in Seattle.
  • Economic:  Work across government entities to support implementation of the Family Medical Leave Act in Seattle.
  • Housing: Create enforceable standards for low-income housing developers and staff to be LGBTQ culturally competent and welcoming.
  • Housing: Ensure that all new members of the Renters Commission will receive an LGBTQ housing and racial justice training.
  • Housing: Increase LGBTQ community-owned housing for low-income people in Seattle.
  • Housing: Allocate significant resources toward low-income and people of color LGBTQ seniors and youth, with a specific focus on housing.
  • Housing: Ensure low-income LGBTQ renters are aware of available low-income and affordable housing opportunities.
  • Housing: Influence Sound Transit to use Sound Transit 3 lands for equitable development, which would include LGBTQ affirming low-income housing.
  • Protecting/ Advancing Rights: Ensure data is collected about sexual orientation and gender identity for all city services.
  • Protecting / Advancing Rights: Ensure that the rights that have been won by the LGBTQ community and our allies are not retracted.
  • Protecting / Advancing Rights: Support a statewide effort to add a nonbinary gender marker to Washington State Identifications.
  • Accountability: Center perspectives and decision making power of diverse LGBTQ community members throughout government institutions and policy-making processes.

While these are exciting commitments — we know it is our job to work together to ensure that we build and exercise the power that is necessary to hold whomever is elected accountable to these pledges. Contact Kelsen at if there are particular issues listed above on which you’d like to work!


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