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LGBTQ Allyship Responds to Orlando Shooting

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Muslims, Latinos and LGBTQ communities must unite in tragedy

Seattle, WA – LGBTQ Allyship wants to honor the 49 victims, mostly LGBTQ Latinos, who were Seattle Vigil for Orlando Shootingtaken away from us through a mass shooting on June 12th, 2016, in Orlando, Florida at a gay club called Pulse. We send our support to the survivors and their loved ones, and stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ family in Florida. This homophobic act of hate has effected all of us and our whole community is deeply mourning.

The act of one human being must not fuel anti-Muslim sentiment in this country or around the world. It must not add fire to anti-immigrant rhetoric. Not in our name. We as LGBTQ individuals represent intersectional identities that include LGBTQ Muslim and Latino communities. We recognize this act of homophobic violence has uniquely impacted our LGBTQ Muslim and Latino family and elicits unique sorrow and targeted hate.

“This tragedy highlights the fact that homophobia and transphobia transgress race, religion, socio-economic, and political background. As a Latino transman, I can’t help but think that this could have been me, and in a way it was, as the safety of our dance clubs and public gatherings have become increasingly targeted for demonstrations of misguided and misinformed hate,” replies Shane Maldonado, LGBTQ Allyship board Treasurer.

Allyship believes this is a time for the LGBTQ community to build community and connection with our Muslim and Latino allies in shared unity against Islamophobia, xenophobia/anti-immigrant, homophobia and transphobia. Each of our communities are under attack through harmful policies, political rhetoric, fear-mongering, scapegoating and violence.

“Many communities are mourning from this senseless act of hate. We as LGBTQ individuals, Muslims and Latinos deserve to be safe in our neighborhoods and places of worship, and experience fairness at work, at school, and in public. Our communities are interconnected and we must unite in fighting for justice for all,” states LGBTQ Allyship executive director Debbie Carlsen.

Nationally there have been 200 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in state legislature, and 50 of these bills target transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. In Washington State conservatives are attempting to get I-1515 on the November ballot, an initiative that would prohibit transgender and gender non-conforming individuals from using the bathrooms at work, at school and in public that match the gender they live daily.  Initiatives, like I-1515, breed hate and misunderstanding towards the transgender community that already suffers from high rates of unemployment and homelessness, discrimination and violence. These harmful and misguided policies sanction violence against LGBTQ people and disproportionately impact communities of color.

Orlando has taught us how detrimental national and local legislation focused on hate can be a catalyst for tragedies such as this.  In solidarity with both the Latino and Muslim communities we hope that this tragedy will unite us in allowing all people to live their truth openly and safely regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexuality.

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Trans* & Gender Non-Conforming Bathroom Justice Storytelling Training

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Allyship is working with Shetha Alaskar from Fuse Washington to train impacted people (transgender & gender non-conforming people and their loved ones) on how to share their personal stories around transphobic bills and initiatives (including I-1515, the conservative-led anti-trans* bathroom statewide ballot initiative) with elected officials, media, and community members.

Reserve your spot in this training today! Please RSVP by 5pm on Friday, May 27th to Denechia Powell at denechia@allyship.org or 206.428.1986.

Our training will be held on Tuesday, May 31st, 6-8pm at the WA State Labor Council in the Central District (321 16th Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98144, bus routes 14, 27 & 984, free street parking). Light snacks and drinks will be provided. This is a wheelchair accessible space with gender-neutral restrooms, and we ask that you come as fragrance/scent-free as possible (learn more about this at http://www.brownstargirl.org/blog/fragrance-free-femme-of-colour-realness-draft-15).

Click here to RSVP to our Facebook event – please share it with your communities!


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LGBTQ Allyship GiveBIG 2016

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Please join us on May 3rd and let’s make change together! GiveBig on May 3rd!

Donate here: https://givebig.seattlefoundation.org/npo/lgbtq-allyship-1

Share our GiveBIG Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1086947894660007

Help us build a LGBTQ Social Justice Leadership Institute around LGBTQ Intergenerational Housing Equity! Support 15 LGBTQ leaders gain skills around advocacy and community building.

Help host a LGBTQ Intergenerational Conference focusing on LGBTQ housing equity! Join us in September with 200 other renters and low-wealth LGBTQ community members. Let’s build community power around affordable housing!

Do you believe marginalized transgender and gender non-conforming people should lead the fight against the 6 filed Anti-trans bathroom bills? We do! Help us build leadership and community organize to support trans* equity!

Can you join us for our GiveBIG Phonebank for Trans* & Queer Housing Justice on Monday, May 2nd, 6-8pm at Allyship’s office (1105 23rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122, bus routes 2& 48)? Please RSVP to Denechia Powell at denechia@allyship.org. Help us spread the word about the phonebank by sharing our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1086947894660007



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