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Volunteers Needed for No Industry Without Us: an LGBTQ Variety Show

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LGBTQ Allyship is seeking volunteers for the one-time event No Industry Without US: an LGBTQ Variety Show. You might not see LGBTQ burlesque, hip hop, comedy and spoken word like this again!

It will be on Sat, Sept. 16 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at the Broadway Performance Hall on 1625 Broadway, Seattle, Washington 98122. Volunteers get in free.

We chose artists marginalized by race, gender, income, disability, etc like QTPOC (queer trans people of color). The show is rooted in anti-oppression frameworks to educate, entertain and remind folx that LGBTQ workers have a vibrant presence in the workplace and how resilient our community is. There will be information about LGBTQ worker experiences, their rights and resources for the community.

No Industry Without Us Volunteer Roles
Stage Manager (Experience Required)
Start time: 3:00 p.m. End time:  End of show
Makes sure program is on time, trains and communicates with stage hands, manages artists and Emcee, communicates to artists artists when they are going to be onstage, waits on Stage left to enter right after next performer
Stage Hands (2)
Start time: 5:30 p.m. End time: End of show
Assists stage manager, gathers clothes from performances, sets up stage for next number, makes sure props are on stage
Ushers (2)
Start time: 5:00 p.m. End time: 9:00 p.m.
Helps with space set up for tabling organizations, helps direct audience flow to seats, indicates to audience in the lobby show start time, hands out programs. Registration (2-4)
Start time: 5:15 p.m. End time: 7:30 p.m.
Assists with ticket sales at door, checks audience members in
Tabling Coordinator
Start time: 5:15 p.m. End time: End of show
Welcomes organizations that are tabling to space, directs organizations to their tabling areas, assists with set up of tables and tear down of tables.
Photographer (Experience Required)
Start time: 5:30 p.m. End time: End of show
Documents show through still images. Captures behind the scenes images, images of the event, reviews and edits shots, sends photos to community facilitator to be posted on Social Media.
Videographer (Experience Required)
Start time: 5:30 p.m. End time: End of show
Films show performances
Social Media Volunteers (2) (Experience Required)
Start Time: 5:30 p.m. End time: End of Show
Livestreams event for FB, tweets and posts about show using show hashtags.

Register to volunteer here. Contact our Community Facilitator Laurie Torres with questions at 

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No Industry Without US: Meet the Artists!

Our illustrious comedian turned Emcee

EMCEE — Monisa Brown – A Tacoma Washington native Monisa Brown will take you on a comedic roller coaster with an off-beat, absurdity sure to split your sides with laughter. Combining her life experiences as a queer, black woman and a special deadpan touch, Monisa serves up comedy that toys with and deconstructs your social perceptions. Monisa has contributed her distinctive stylings in the standup and sketch comedy communities.

Monisa Brown is creator and head producer of QTPOC Is Not A Rapper, a Queer Trans and POC focused curated comedy open-mic and showcase. Monisa is a co-producer of the Comedy Nest and has appeared in the PNW Black Comedy Festival, and Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival.

roguepinay – rogue pinay/ katrina pestaño is a force to be reckoned with, causing all types of ruckus as an emcee, cultural worker and community organizer. with a deep love of hiphop discovered as an immigrant youth, rogue pinay wrote verses as a way to reconnect with their roots and claim space as a queer filipina with a lot on their mind. since 2006, rogue pinay has been inciting love and rage with incisive rhymes and raw delivery. Their full bio can be found here. 

Jade Dynasty – I am a Queer Trans Womxn Of Color, I do a combination of Drag, Burlesque, Vogue, Contemporary, and choreographed dance. I am also a trained musician and singer. I built the ballroom scene in seattle, I am one of 3 Trans femme Seattle performers, I am a beacon for gender non-conforming femmes, Trans womxn, and Queer people in Seattle. I am the seattle queer community.

Christian Brown — Currently the reigning Queen of Hearts of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle, I use my art to uplift worker issues in the work force by telling the world we are different but we matter. As a drag artist I perform to represent the STRENGTH of those in this community.




La Espiritista — is a Latinx American Seattle based artist originally from New Jersey. They are a multi-talented artist that expresses their creative nature through many forms of rhythm some including Spoken Word Art, Creative Writing, Colorful Sketches, Singing, and Wooden Instruments. La Espiritista uses their energy to create messages that focus on life lessons such as the art of healing, faith, love, and transformation by sharing a unique blend of their own personal story of containing multiple marginalized identities along with the universal truths of nature. Much of their art is a manifestation of their exploration of queer spirituality and sexuality. It is the purest connection to the healing rhythms embedded in all forms of life universally. They believe that one of the most revolutionary acts in this world is to “simply be, to allow oneself to be fully presente and to slow down into the moment. Their full bio can be found here. 

Smitty Buckler — Smitty Buckler is an amalgamation of grey area politicized identities. They express themselves through the intersections of being an artist, organizer, writer, performer, dancer, coder, researcher, healer, and advocate. Smitty is passionate about ending the HIV epidemic in the trans community by advocating for empowerment of trans individuals in HIV activism which includes anti-stigma work based in trauma informed care. Moreover they are deeply invested in increasing access to testing services and recruitment in HIV research. Their full bio can be found here

Queerbigan — Queerbigan is a 22 year old aquarius double leo trans nonbinary queer Filipinx named H.U.T. (but for anything art-related I usually go by Queerbigan, which is Queer + Kaibigan aka “friend” in Tagalog). Their current dream is to develop a museum exhibit dedicated to indigenous and diasporic gender identities for Asian and Pacific Islanders. Their lifelong dream is to find the best mac and cheese in the world.  


To support these fabulous vanguards of the queernaissance, be sure to get your tickets now!

Save the date! September 16, 2017

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Thank you to 2017 Spring Campaign Donors!

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We exceeded our goal of raising $25,000 and raised $30,000 for LGBTQ low-income senior housing! From April to May 10 amazing LGBTQ and allied leaders met with community members to educate and raise support for Allyship’s work in advocating for LGBTQ low-income housing in Seattle and King County.

LGBTQ Allyship wants to thank the amazing donors of our Housing Spring Campaign:

Bob Hasegawa  ::  Brady Walkinshaw  ::  Calvin Jen

Christian Metcalfe  ::  Coastal Kitchen  ::  Dagmar Cronn

Dale Bright  ::  Dave Upthegrove  ::   David Haack

Debbie Carlsen  ::  Deborah Terry-Hays  ::  Elissa Goss

Emma Moreno  ::  Entre Hermanos  :  Felipe Rodriguez-Flores

Fred Swanson  ::  Jennifer White  ::  Joshua Wallace

Katie Garrow  ::  Lauren Craig  ::  Lisa Karl

Lois Thetford  ::  Marcos Martinez  ::  Matias Valenzuela

Michael Maddux  ::  Nicole Grant ::  Nicole Marci

Paulina Lvov  ::  Peter Hasegawa  ::  Pramilia Jayapal

Rebecca Edmonds  ::  Redwolf Painter  ::  Reiny Cohen

Robin Wyss  ::  Ryan Honnen  ::  Sally Friedman

Sam Keller  ::  Sara Jaye Sanford  ::  Sarah Jen

Sarah Sumadi  ::  Seattle Foundation  ::  Shaun Bickley

Vicente Barraza  ::  Whitney Fraser  ::  William Stacy


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