What Sets Us Apart

LGBTQ Allyship is a community-based organization dedicated to finding commonalities within different racial, economic, cultural and gendered communities and using those intersections to make us stronger as we fight for justice. Although we are often told this approach is too difficult, we have dedicated our resources to strive to be effective intersectional allies. We understand that allyship can take many forms and fulfill different needs, and we strive to meet and work with community members ‘where they are at’ in their desire to be an ally. We believe that humans intrinsically want to be in communion with each other, supporting each other in a healthy community, with an understanding that we all ultimately rely on each other for survival. We believe everyone needs an ally and everyone wants to be an ally.

With this in mind LGBTQ Allyship has a unique way of community organizing that revolves around being an ally to marginalized movements, communities, organizations and individuals. Here are some examples:

One:  We actively engage our communities in connecting issues of sexism, racism, classism, ageism, transphobia, homophobia, and ablism and how LGBTQ communities are uniquely impacted by these oppressions. This is done through educational discussion series, social media, community events, advocacy days, actions, and conferences.

Two:  We build leaders who directly live these intersectional lives as speakers, board members, advisory board members, staff, and volunteers.

Three:  We seek and value community feedback on our programming and the issues we advocate around through focus groups, community surveys, one-on-one meetings and event feedback forms to ensure we are accountable to our communities.

Four:  Striving to avoid re-inventing the wheel and duplicating services, we focus on project collaboration and hope to bolster other community-based organizations as part of our program and organizational goals.

Five:  We believe in empowering the voices of the most marginalized by working in allyship with organizations that represent those communities, building leadership of marginalized communities within our organization, and working in solidarity as out LGBTQ individuals with other movements on campaigns that will better the lives of the most vulnerable.

Six:  We engage community members to strive to be allies to each other and value allies as an important component of social political change.

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