15 Emerging Queer & Trans Housing Justice Leaders Join 2016 LGBTQ Social Justice Leadership Institute

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15 Emerging Queer & Trans Housing Justice Leaders Join 2016 LGBTQ Social Justice Leadership Institute

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15 Emerging Queer & Trans Housing Justice Leaders Join 2016 LGBTQ Social Justice Leadership Institute

Grassroots LGBTQ nonprofit creates space for housing equity leadership development within Seattle LGBTQ community

What: LGBTQ Social Justice Leadership Institute at LGBTQ Allyship

When: May to October 2016

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Seattle, WA – LGBTQ Allyship launched its second LGBTQ Social Justice Leadership Institute on Saturday, May 21, 2016. After a competitive application process during April and early May, Allyship selected 15 participants representing historically oppressed LGBTQ communities whose leadership development is often neglected by mainstream LGBTQ organizations. During this six-month leadership development training, participants will learn about housing equity through a gender justice and racial justice lens and receive opportunities to gain hands-on experience in housing advocacy and community organizing.

Here are some perspectives from Leadership Institute participants:

“LGBTQ housing justice means that queer people have a spot and a voice at the table when laws and initiatives are being formed and implemented. It means looking at the intersections of sexuality, race, gender, class and ability when examining housing issues that affect the queer community.” – Krystal Correa

“Through the LGBTQ Social Justice Leadership Institute, I want to learn more about social justice issues and become a better community organizer. I want to support the local LGBTQ community while I am here, and I want to apply what I learn to LGBTQ social justice issues when I go back to Japan.” – Kento Hoshi

“Whether we want to admit it or not, the entire country is looking at how we as a city handle the growth that is occurring right before our eyes. We have the opportunity to create the mold or a blueprint that can change the course of city planning and development for future generations.” – Rocky/Roxie Lester

Allyship’s first Leadership Institute cohort in 2015 conducted an LGBTQ Safety Survey with 1100 respondents – 64 percent of respondents identified affordable housing as a solution to LGBTQ safety concerns. After this finding, Allyship held a series of intergenerational discussions on LGBTQ housing issues called “Conversations Across Generations”; organized LGBTQ delegations to testify at city council hearings on affordable housing legislation; and advocated for the passage of the Commercial Linkage Fee in Seattle and statewide affordable housing bills in Olympia. As Allyship engaged in this work, staff members observed the lack of leadership development resources for LGBTQ housing justice activists in Seattle and decided to focus Allyship’s 2016 LGBTQ Social Justice Leadership Institute on LGBTQ housing equity.

This year’s Leadership Institute participants are attending workshops one Saturday each month from May until October. They will grow their skills around storytelling, earned media, community-based research and more while learning about Seattle’s housing crisis and its roots in racism from seasoned housing activists and professionals. The Leadership Institute is made possible by funding from Communities of Opportunities and Pride Foundation.

Please click here to learn more about our Leadership Institute participants!




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